June 24, 2024
new music video "freak out!"
June 21, 2024
new single "freak out!" is now available for streaming and digital download.
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Apple Music!
April 12, 2020
new single "till i gain control again" is now available for streaming and free download.
February 29, 2016
new album "open the book" is now available for streaming. listen to the enitre record below.
November 30, 2015
new album "open the book" will be released on march 4, 2016.
it is my robot friend's first full-length record in over 6 years.
October 31, 2015
new digital single "creep" out now! it is a creative reinvention of the classic tlc track from 1994 and features andre williams on vocals.
click here to download "creep"
October 24, 2015
my robot friend has a new website!
My Robot Friend has a brand new website. It has been designed to be 14.3% less annoying to look at than the last one. Speaking of the last website, we are really sad to see it go. It had the pleasure of being a fixed pixel width and not working properly on mobile devices since 2009.

Despite the previous website's legal troubles, drug issues, financial woes, and allegations of the sexual harassment of minors, we'd like to take a moment to mourn its passing and look back at its storied past.

2002: The website is born!
2003: Pretty in pink!
2004: Poor bloated fatty website no longer svelte.
2005: Drunken motorcycle accident. Loses a finger.
2006: Website tries to Dial 0 for assistance. Fails.
2007: Rumors spread that website is dead.
2008: Website neglected and abused. Goes crazy.
2009: Website returns from rehab. It is happier and more stable, but friends secretly think that it has lost its edge.
2010-2014: Otherwise known as the soul searching years...
2015: Old website replaced by a new version that is poorly coded yet has a spunky and flexible attitude.
who knows what the future will bring?